Today and Yesterday and I'm Sorry

10.12.2013 21:43

I was sitting and thinking about he things I forgot to do while the teacher was talking. Then I realized that I forgot to write a blogpost for more than a month I think and It already December. But I had to learn so much and had to do so much homework.
But I want to write about my outfits. I'll give you the blogpost from the 1st December until today tomorrow.
Today it was really simple, a casual purple pullover, jeans, supergas and a golden necklace
Yesterday my outfit was like a business outfit. But I tried to wear it a bit sportier(?) than it normally is: I wore a dotted jeans, a white shirt, a dark-purple blazer and a skarf in white, brown, pink, and lemon (I'll wear it in Dublin next holidays )
See you soon
Love Valerie