Last day Amsterdam 27 August 2013

28.08.2013 10:57

I didn`t had the time yesterday for a blogpost, because I was so tired and had to pack out my suitcase. When I came into my room I remembered that it was in a so big mess, but I didn`t had enough time to tiday it, because it was already 11pm. So I do it after that blogpost and if I finish it today I will post some pics. Normally I wanted to write about yesterday(if I`m not doing it maybe I didn`t have enough for todays blogpost) ;) 

So   last day Amsterdam: I went to the city by tram to visit the Anne Frank huis. When I arrived I saw the big queue and decided to went shopping and get here after lunch. The 9 staatjes are so great. They`re a bit expensive, but the things and also shops you can find are so pretty. For example I saw some great marc by marc jacobs shoes at shoe diction( and really pretty clothing at 9 straatjes ( One great shop was the "noa lifestyle" ( I hink that the best shops in Amsterdam. After lunch I got back to the Anne Frank huis. The queue was not so long like the first time I got there, but it was pretty long too. When I got in you saw some films and it was all ok at all, but you couldn`t see the whole room, because it was so full. I got some postcards for me from the Anne Frank huis and from the stedelijk museum too. I`ll buy some frames and I`ll print some of the pics I have taken. Maybe you`ll see it soon

Good bye the next blogpost comes soon