It's Christmas

24.12.2013 00:05

My first Christmas celebrating with "my fashion brownie". First of all a really huge kiss to my best friend for always being on my side and helping me in my trouble times and not that big but also really huge kiss to a dear friend. I know she'll be always on my side(I love her Christmas prensent for me:*. Because school was already over I got this Christmas present a bit earlier[ not the whole truth but how can I explain the stuff with Secret Santa]Her Christmas present was a mail polish{is it the real name??} in green with golden glitter and a eyeshadow with two colours: green and silver{it glows so funny I fall in love the last two time I put it on my eyes). I think the dinner "today evening" will be so uninteresting that I'll find time for a second post "today"
It's already late and I wanted to read a bit but it's too late for that(I don't want to sleep when I got dinner with family)
Good night everyone
A huge thank you to all my supporters