22th December 2013

22.12.2013 20:34

Holiday time for me starts and so the time for blogging too

I`m really happy about that and there will be many posts the next time ;)

It`s not that easy to find my outfits for Dublin but I will try my best. The best thing that helps me is my travel book. My travel book helps me to find all the new Outfits(I also try to draw them) and it helps me do pack everything in my bag for the flight and the time there. You`ll see pics of the travel book in some hours on my instagram account.

I remembered that it`s almost Christmas(two days) and I should do a post about christmas presents. I don`t want to do it in this post so I decide to make a new blog-entry after this one with some Christmas presents.

Back to my travel book: If you want me to wear something in dublin, mail me. And if you know what I could wear, mail me too.(pics on Instagram)

See you soon

love Valerie