10 September 2013

10.09.2013 19:35

You can`t imagine how much things I have to do. So many homework, some hobbies and school. Yesterday I arrived home at 7pm and had to made some homework. I was ready with that only at 9 pm and went to bed at 10 pm. Than I had to got up at 6 am this morning. I was pretty tired. At the moment I look for the Outfit tomorrow.

Maybe I have time for a blogpost. But like in every blogpost I wanna tell you about my Outfit of the day. I love this Outfit, but it`s most casual. It was a nice and really expensive white blouse, a pullover in rosé, a jeans and my Superga shoes in white too.

You have to be happy because I got a update for my IPod and so I can show you the pics on Instagram.

Some days ago I got the ggl lookbook and it is greater than the years before. It`s made with the some strukture, but the bags were prettier. You have to see it <3


Your Valerie